Art Resilia

Foster pragmatic cyber resilience for everyone, everywhere. In a fast evolving digital world, businesses need to address cyber risks in order to thrive. Art Resilia is a cyber resilience provider that aims to be a trustworthy partner recognised for knowledge and innovation, that leverage organisations ability to prepare, respond and recover from an ever changing cyber threat landscape. Because business resilience is impossible without Cyber Resilience. Art Resilia is a thriving tribe focused on service above self and driven by an endless pursuit for Knowledge and trendsetting Innovation.


Advanced cyber threat intelligence platform to protect your business against advanced threats and malware.


Blackshield provides a range of specialized services in the cybersecurity space, ranging from custom software solutions to IoT prototyping and embedded systems design.


DiamWall is a global Content Delivery Network designed to secure your network with a next-generation automated mitigation solution developed in-house that aims to be secure, private, fast, and reliable shielding you against any cyber attack.

Dark Clarity 

Dark Clarity is an IoT-focused cybersecurity company, aiming to develop products and solutions to address the security challenges posed by the current IoT landscape.


Ethiack is the Ethical Hacking platform for the digital age. Our autonomous offensive security powered by hackers and AI identifies vulnerabilities instantly, allowing tech teams to focus on building.


Empower businesses and organizations to take control of their online security and protect against cyber threats.


Take the pain out of IoT hardware development!. JSIO is a Development Framework to streamline your IoT developments, reducing costs and time-to-market substantially


We are a company that helps businesses transform privacy and security into assets and competitive advantages.


We are a technology-based company and we provide consulting services in several areas of activity, where we can highlight information systems and data privacy.


Management boutique engaged on information security, cyber security and cyber resilience spaces targeting strategy, executive and innovation management both for startups and enterprises.


A SafeAlliance é uma empresa de Consultoria e Implementação de Projetos que presta serviços na área das Tecnologias de Informação com especial atenção e foco nos temas da segurança e da resiliência. Implementamos as melhores práticas de segurança tanto na gestão integral de infraestruturas, como na implementação de projectos à medida nas áreas de networking, segurança de dados, computação de Datacenter e telecomunicações.

Secure Networks

We provide solutions, services, and technologies to make your critical information systems more secure. We are a company dedicated to network related technologies and our solutions and products are focused in open source. We view simplicity, versatility and quality as key factors, and that’s just what BSD operating systems provide. So, naturally, most of our solutions and products are BSD based.


AI-based​ cyb​ersecurity detection and response ​for industrial systems

Trustable Solutions

Provides a comprehensive, strategic and operational approach to corporate information systems. Focused on IT, IT security and HPC.